” Revealed:Sexual harassment in campus,who is harassing who?”

Today at the Lagos state university,a lecture was hold at the school main auditorium and the theme was “sexual harassment in campus,who is harassing who?”.Firstly,sexual harassment is something common in our various environment.Anybody can be sexually harassed,either at home,office,school,name it. 

The common and well known victim of this topic are the females but males are also harassed.Not just the females are sexually harassed but it is common among the girls than the guys.The speakers that were present at the program all shared their experiences about how they have been abused,sexually and also through drug abuse.Everyone always have a story to share about the topic,some will say they were sexually abused either by their uncles,brothers or relatives.A close friend can also harass you,trust no one when it comes to sexual harassment.

As a listener,I think for us to avoid being harassed,somethings must be done.Firstly,our mode of dressing,we do not have to expose our body before we can look good in the society.Secondly,our environment,we should be careful of where go.Most importantly,always be wise and smart.

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