Lovebirds Take Matters To The Extreme In Ikeja City Mall

Love and being Horny are two things that are often mistaken for each other in this present Generation of ours.

These Lovebirds couldn’t wait to get a room and decided to display their affections in public in full glare of Ikeja City Mall shoppers and staff.

According to Popular twitter user, Adegoke Pamilerin who shared the story on twitter, he wrote:

“Shame has finished in this Lagos oooo… What will we not see at ICM??? This guy and a lady have stayed over 30 minutes at the same spot.. They’ve kissed and done everything possible .. the only thing left is for them to have sex on that spot…”

This is a rather strange thing in this part of the world, so what do Y’all think, it’s a free world innit ?

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