Drama In Agbado-Ijaye In Lagos As Strange Bird Turns To A Full Grown Woman (Photos)


The people of Agbado-Ijaye allegedly woke up to a very bizarre occurrence of a bird that allegedly transformed into a young woman, today.

A fellow  Blogger reports that the incident occurred at about 5:30-6:00 this morning, May 15.
The eyewitness narrated what he saw: “I was driving home this morning along Agbado-Ijaiye road when I suddenly heard people screaming in Yoruba ” the bird has turned into a woman, the bird has transformed into a human being.” I parked some meters away and walk towards the scene-a gutter opposite LADO filling station-where an angry crowd was slowing gathering. Two eye witnesses present in the crowd who raised alarm said they were passing by when a bird suddenly fell into the gutter and then suddenly transformed into a young woman.

” At some point a man joins the woman in the gutter whispering into her ears. The crowd started asking questions as to his relationship with the alleged bird-lady but the guy quickly disassociated himself from her.
Nobody knows who the guy is but he appears to be someone who understands the supernatural and was trying to communicate with her because the crowd didn’t understand the dialect of Yoruba language she was speaking. However when he saw the the crowd was getting irate, he disassociated himself from the lady.

“She spoke in a Yoruba dialect people present didn’t understand. But what some people tried to make out from what she told them was that she was instructed to go and get something during a witchcraft meeting and she complained that it was dangerous because it’s almost morning. However she said they insisted and while flying a powerful force struck her and she found herself in the gutter.”

The eyewitness also said that the crowd was beating the woman up with sticks before he left. Although he tried to dissuade the crowd from doing so, but it all fell on deaf hears. Also, a call was put across to the nearest police station which was supposedly less than 1 kilometer away but the police didn’t show up, at least as at the time the source left the scene.

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