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I Like A Man Who Beats Me Up — Actress Wema Sepetu

Popular Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has narrated a rather odd trait she likes in a man. Wema says she likes a man who disciplines her, beats her up. While attending her manager Neema Ndepanya’s birthday celebrations in Salasala, Dar es Salam, Wema told Ijumaa Wikienda

The Lord’s Chosen Storm Gambia, Many Muslims Converted (Photos)

Muslims constitute 90 percent of the population of the Gambia according to CIA factbook. A significant minority, estimated 9 percent of the population, is Christian, and less than 1 percent practice African Traditional Religion. The Lord’s Chosen on 1st and 2nd of September 2018, held

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10 Words Nigerians Use That Are Not In The Dictionary

Disvirgin, cross-carpeting, go-slow & 7 more ‘words’ you won’t find in the dictionary Checkout the words below:- Installmentally This “word” is a favorite of many Nigerians, but, sadly, it simply does not exist. You won’t find it any reputable dictionary. The correct thing to say

Top 5 Wrist Watches That Are More Expensive Than Any Car (Photos

Sometimes, we wonder if super expensive cars, gigantic houses, and flamboyant lifestyle is the only money squashing activities the super rich people practice every single blessed day. But most of the times, the extremely rich and flashy billionaires invest their money into the craziest things

Top 5 Men Who Might Be Richer Than The World Government

History is probably the most enjoyable subject of discourse to many, while some find solace in the fun-filled lifestyle of the people recorded in it. At we have created a unique compilation of Top5 Men Who Might Be Richer Than The World Government .

180 People Land In Hospital After Eating Tainted Chicken Shawarma

Some persons have gotten themselves into very serious medical problems after they ate some tainted chicken shawarma. File photo It has been reported that more than 180 people have landed in hospital, seeking urgent medical attention in recent days after eating tainted chicken shawarma. The