AsiriComedy Shares His Experiences To Stardom [READ]

One of the young and talented comedians trending in the social media is Osundare Damilare Simeon popularly known with the stage name “AsiriComedy”.

In an exclusive online interview with The Nations, AsiriComedy shared his experiences as he gradually comes to the limelight in Nigeria and even beyond.

AsiriComedy narrated the background story of how he started his comedy in secondary school before he later picked up a career in it around 2010.

He said:

“Comedy for me started as interaction among my peers. Friends naturally gather round me because I was very lively and I throw funny jabs too. Later when I gained admission into the university I joined a drama group where I get to act the funny roles.”

Ever since he got a niche in comedy, AsiriComedy noted that “depth, intelligence spontaneity and observational strengths as well as creativity” has always been his unique selling point that gets his people craving for more.”

As much as AsiriComedy is often featuring alongside his friend and colleague in industry, Arole, on many Instagram comedy skits, Asiri however clarified that both are not perfectly the same as they both have peculiarities. He however he cleared that while it may seems like some see one of them shining than the other, the duo do not see it as such.

Asiri commented that there is no such thing as competition between both.

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