Actress Lola Margaret Finally Released From Atlanta Jail After ‘Card Fraud’

Lola Margaret Oladipupo has finally been released from Atlanta jail weeks after she was arrested on card fraud charges.

Recall that the actress was arrested over allegation that she attempted to withdraw suspicious sums from her account. Lola allegedly had been making the suspicious withdrawals for a while now, until the police whisked her away after a last attempt.

Earlier reports said the actress was initially released on condition that she reveals the identities of her co-conspirators, but she was re-arrested later for further interrogations and languished in jail for weeks.

Now, Lola is out.

Writing on her social media yesterday, the actress was thankful, however she did not give any statement clarifying the arrest claims. “What else can say onto the Lord? than thank u, my God is good,” she wrote.

It is unclear if she has been cleared of the charges, or if she is still awaiting trial.

This development comes weeks after rapper Sinzu was sentenced to two years in prison on similar charges, and Dammy Krane was slammed with 9 felony charges in a Miami-Dade criminal court for same.

Will Lola eventually address the fraud claims? We hope so!

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