30-year-old Ghanaian Man Dies After Consuming Pregnant Cat Meat

Ghanaian man who goes by the name Kwadwo Robert from a small farming community in the Jaman South District of the Brong-Ahafo Region met his tragic death after consuming a pregnant cat’s meat yesterday.

The young man, Kwadwo Robert popularly known as Asampian by townsfolks visited his close friend who invited him to help kill a neighbor cat. However, they discovered that the cat was pregnant with five fetuses but they went ahead to prepare the meat for consumption.

According to information learned, Kwadwo started to behave quite strangely. He was said to have been crawling on the ground like a cat and making strange gestures.

Rumors say he also dragged himself on the ground and gazed at people as if he was aiming to pounce on them.

Kwadwo was thereafter rushed to the Sampa Government Hospital but died on arrival.

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