Woman Spotted Breastfeeding Her Cat in Public (See Photos)

A woman from CHIPINGE in Zimbabwe has shocked a crowd of people after she was spotted allegedly breastfeeding a cat in the city centre where she was moving around with a black travelling bag.
The incident which happened yesterday attracted a large crowd. H-metro reports that the woman, who identified herself as Millicent Saungweme from Clay Waters in Chipinge, shocked onlookers as she sucked her breasts getting ready to feed the cat.
“She was here at Albion rank as early as 7am with her huge travelling bag and I still cannot believe what I saw,”said a tout identified as Norbert.
“I had been informed that she was in possession of a cat so when she got here, I asked her what was in her bag and she said I always carry my baby with me in this bag,” said Norbet.
“I then asked her to breastfeed the cat so she opened the bag and took the cat holding it like a baby before making it lick a lollipop she was eating,” he narrated.
“I also asked her why she was wearing a torn skirt and she claimed that she had been assaulted by the police,”he further narrated.
Millicent is said to have moved to Albion Total service station where she removed all her clothes before she changed into clean ones she took from the bag.
A vendor at OK Albion identified as amai Garwe narrated how she ended up breastfeeding her cat by the service station.
“She came by the service station, she asked for the price of maheu drink before she took out a top from the bag removing all her clothes,” she explained.
“The woman looked very normal and I believe she is a witch,” said another tout identified as Tito.
“This is Satanism at its best, this woman belongs to the satanic kingdom,” said another onlooker.

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