Wife Killed Husband for Refusing to Have SEx With Her

A horny wife has kept everyones mouth open wide, as she those the unbelievable cause her husband denied her of sex as at time needed.

A horny wife has brutally beaten her husband to death for refusing to have s*x with her when she wanted.
According to a report by Times of India, Vimla Vaghela, 54 had accused her husband, Narsinh of having an affair after he turned down her request to have sEx with him at their home in Ahmedabad, India.
As at time filling the report it is said that she beat him around the head with a stick, and he died of several injuries. The charge sheet filed against the woman claimed that after her husband refused to have sex with her, she got infuriated and fought with him.
After he died, Vaghela locked the house and went to the police station in Sardarnagar to inform them of her husband’s death.
Initially, she claimed she had killed husband Narsinh in self-defence. It was later revealed that she was the murderer. She was arrested and a chargesheet was filed against her.
A judge sentenced Vaghela to life in prison.
She was also fined 2,000 rupees (£20) and will have to serve another six months in jail if she refuses to pay.

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