Why I Have No Endorsement Deals Yet – LIL KESH


YAGI boss, Ololade Keshinro, with the stage name  Lil Kesh has disclosed the huge effect losing the Headies Awards had on him and why he has no endorsement deal.
According to him, the loss awakened that inborn hustle in him, which made him worked tirelessly hard.

“That was what gingered me to drop my album around March, because` when that happened, I was gingered to do better. It just woke the Lil Kesh up that ‘boy u been sleeping, you came into the industry with anger, and it woke the positivity in me’. I went into the studio, I started recording more songs, I dropped my album which is doing very well, I give God the glory”.

“Big up to everybody who supported me still, it really affected me, I can’t deny, but now am chilling. The way life works, I am just 22 and the things I have gone through has proved to me that I really get the things that are meant for me, if its not for me I would not get it. So if I don’t get it, am sure its not for the right reasons, because its not for me. The things that I never thought that I would have in my life at one point in my life or the other came to me”.
“I don’t think that has got to do with me not having deals, look outside the Nigerian market, there a lot of people that say the curse words, even in the American market, don’t they get endorsement? The actual truth is you have no idea of the number of brands that have come to me for endorsement, but am just a guy that hustle for everything and will not settle for less, I won’t sign a crappy deal, I want to have an endorsement that people will celebrate, not just any how deal. A lot of people would come to you with crappy contract; I turned down a couple because I felt like it wasn’t good enough for me, when the right ones come it comes, its business”.

5 thoughts on “Why I Have No Endorsement Deals Yet – LIL KESH”

  1. Janet says:

    Wen it is yr time no body will stop u man.

  2. wf derof says:

    Your Songs Are Craps – Stop Shouting In Every Song You Make – You Use Microphone In The Studio, You Don’t Have To Shout.

    Stop Mentioning All Your Family Members Name In A Song,

    When A Song Is Just 5minutes, You Would Have Used 4Minutes To Introduce Yourself, And Mentioning All Your Friends Name And All Your Family Members Name.

    People Used To Think You’re A Kid.

  3. walezy says:

    Kpangolo music crooners associations of Nigeria

  4. OkoAfusa_HimSelf says:

    no deals cause u r not yet a brand.,…. true talk

  5. Olaoluwa says:

    Yea…big ups to u lil kesh….u ‘ve got no deals cause u r not yet a brand……. no disrespect.

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