Why And How You Can Join Helping Hands International (H2i)- Joseph Abidoye Reveals




Benefits for Members of Helping Hands International
1. Brand New Cars (Ipad/Laptop)
2. House of your own
3. Free Brand New Apple Ipad/Hp Laptop
4. Child Educational Fund
5. Trade and Skill Acquisition Training
6. Earn Great Income For Life
7. Source of Help for Less Privilege and The needy
8. Interest Free Loan without Collateral
9. Assets and property support opportunity
10. Luxury trip abroad yearly
11. Residual income yearly


How it works by  Joseph Abidoye

When you donate $40 (N6600) and are registered, you’ll become a member of H2i
Now because H2i  vision is to touch lives of people globally, each member is required to invite at least two people to also become members and enjoy full benefits.

After registration, you’ll have an H2i account with inbuilt eWallet.

(…EWallet is where bonuses and other earnings are deposited for use by the account owner).

This account is accessible with your unique Username and password.

The more people become members in your team, the more you grow in levels and stages.

Every new member is required to do the same, and by so doing, many people will become members in the team

There are six stages:

Stage1 =Associate
Stage2 =Master
Stage3 =Super Master
Stage4 =Minister
Stage5 =PrimeMinister
Stage6 =Trustee

And, there are specific bonuses and incentives, which members earn at each of these stages.

The following is a breakdown of benefits at different stages for members:
?You get $16 referral bonus ($8 each for two people you invited). Or $48 if you referred all the 6pple in your stage1
?You also get $10 matrix bonus.
Stage 2:
?You will earn a minimum of $1000 (N165,000)
? You qualify for a brand new HP laptop or Apple Ipad worth over N120,000
☎you also qualify a CUG line for limitless communication.
Stage 3:
?You earn $3000 (N495,000)
? You qualify a brand new HYUNDAI ELANTRA (the Latest Model) worth about N4.5m.
?Also you get a cheque of $1000 each for two (2) less privileged people, whom you personally recommended to H2i.

(Note: This is grant, Not a loan! And it is given non-members by H2i courtesy of you)

✈- You also get an international trip sponsored by H2i.

Stage 4:

? You earn a total of  $6000
?. You qualify for a brand new Hyundai ix35 jeep worth $27,000
? you will also be privileged to empower the orphanage or the disabled home.

?You qualify to apply for loan of up to $12,000

?You also qualify for 70% property support service.
etc etc

Stage 5:

?$12,000 cash,
?$40,000 housing fund,
? Education fund for 2 children
? Elite membership loan up to $44000
?- The infinity bonus for life & much more.

Infact, the benefits you enjoy in H2i is enormous & can’t be exhausted.

As you can see, when you donate your $40, you have nothing to lose. You can only live to enjoy a life long of the touch and empowerment that H2i gives.

When you register and become a member, you’re required to invite two people to also become members

Those two people you invited will have to also  invite their two each

For more information about Helping Hands International H2i contact me now

Email:  Joseph.abidoye@yahoo.com

Phone no:r +2347062869423  Nigeria  OR +18725886740 International

 WhatsApp: +2347062869423

Facebook: Joseph abidoye adeyemi

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