How a White Garment Church Finally Destroyed My Marriage – Woman Reveals Shocking Experience

 A currently disturbed and heavily pregnant woman has revealed the challenges she is facing in her home which was caused by a prophet/prophetess from an unspecified white garment church. 

This touching story was shared by relationship adviser and online psychologist, Joro Olumofin. The woman who is expecting her second child is currently heavily pregnant with her husband on the verge of leaving the country due to a phony spriritual revelation.

Read the touching story below:



5 thoughts on “How a White Garment Church Finally Destroyed My Marriage – Woman Reveals Shocking Experience”

  1. OkoAfusa_HimSelf says:

    Sorry Oh, this as been the reason ti not just good to enter anyhow church for salvation

  2. Janet says:

    Lord is Good, End time thing

  3. Suki Wanda says:

    This will sound painful, but I think you should start making plans for you n d kids without him going forward.
    If you procrastinate, either way it turns out you will suffer. Remember, he has never been there for you. His behavior now is just a cover up for his inadequasies and a way to guilt or force you into spending money on him again. You are better and more than his mother, GF and him put together.
    Don’t sell yourself short. It’s time to let him show that he cares for you, if not let him go, he isn’t WORTH it and obviously will never be.

  4. amebosquare says:

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  5. amebosquare says:

    And do you think it… Aren’t spiritual ni…. It what you no women of this days can’t never joke with there Naira you no

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