“Most UNILAG Girls Are Robbers” – Read This Hilarious Story

The Story is currently trending on Twitter..

A Twitter user @prodeegy shared some tweets narrating how he was robbed by some Unilag girls…

How the Story ended will sure amaze you.



Read below:-


4 thoughts on ““Most UNILAG Girls Are Robbers” – Read This Hilarious Story”

  1. OkoAfusa_HimSelf says:

    Walahi!!!!!!!!!!! the bae is a learner, i trust benin babe’s they will even lied that you robed her, shebi you collected her phone and you put it in your pocket, she will just use that against you asap!!!!

  2. wf derof says:

    Fact is the bae is a learner!!!

  3. Janet says:

    And if am the lady i will just call that my friends back that the guy want you to meet is mumu friends, so we can thief more money, after they are back to the car, i will just ask @prodeegy to call is friends too, and they should meet us at his house, we they can fuck us all

  4. demmy says:

    Lol moremi Gurls LWKMD although naso some girls be

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