2 Covenant University graduates drowned in Elegushi beach



2 Convenant University Graduates

Two ladies, Identified as Sola Ogunmefun and Funmi Odusina went to the beach on Sunday, June 5th/05/2016  like everyone else to celebrate their friend’s birthday.

While at the beach, they resorted to taking pictures but unbeknown to them, a huge tide was approaching.

The tide swept them away into the ocean only to bring back their lifeless bodies.

Both ladies were graduates of International Relations from Covenant University with Masters in International Law and Diplomacy.

Sola Ogunmefun,  27, was the Personal Assistant to the Commissioner of Technology in Ogun State while Funmi Odusina   24, was a Chartered Personnel Manager.

The rate of drownings at the beach is continuously on the increase as preventive systems such as wave alarms, lifeguards, emergency medical units, patrol units, etc, are in not place for when unfortunate incidents such as this occurs.

Apparently, efforts to get them medical help also proved abortive, claims a source who spoke to YNaija.

A close friends to the victims, took to Twitter to vent her frustrations on being rejected from hospital emergency units, saying that if they had responded, her friends would be alive today.

“I lost two of my dear friends yesterday. Adesola Ogunmefun & Funmi Odusina. Sola a Graduate of Covenant University & Masters in International Law & Diplomacy.”

“Funmi, age 24, a CIPM holder, Covenant Graduate & a Masters Holder from University of Lagos state. They both were brilliant, ambitious ladies.”

“Happy & Always ready to help & it’s sad they are no more. There is no safety at the beach. Meant for relaxation but it’s death that comes Negligence everywhere.”

“If there was a Wave Alarm System or a Learned Life Guard maybe I will still have my friends. BIG MAYBE. The so-called traditional rulers & thugs just collect money to enter the different beaches around.”

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