The Heat Of Virginity… Part 6


Raise your finger up a bit…. No a little bit down….Yes there.”
She directed me to the spot but it didn’t seem like an
opening. I then applied little pressure in putting the tip of
my finger inside, She closed her eyes and said. “Be careful, it
hurts a bit.” The tip of my finger finally got in, so I started
taking it in and out continuously. She then said.
“Adeoluwa please I want you on top of me. I need you to do
the real thing.” I then said. “It would hurt, I don’t want to
hurt u.”
She then said. “You deserve it adeoluwa I love you.” I
couldn’t decline her, so I mounted on her and I said. “Tope
you have to help out here, you have to use your hand to
align it to the position.”

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She then assisted me to it. My cap was just on the surface of
her v***na. I then started to apply little pressure on it. I
really didn’t want her to feel much pain. She then said.
Adeoluwa just do it….Just do it.”
I couldn’t push it in, I felt it was gong to hurt, it was just so
tight. While I use still applying pressure she then tilted her
waist towards me, causing an abrupt intrusion. She
screamed and held me tight. There was a snap inside of her,
I felt it. I knew it was better I remained inside of her.
It was very obvious she was in extreme pain, I could tell by
the grip she had in her embrace. She then said. “Continue
Adeoluwa, continue. Don’t stop no matter what.” I then
started thrusting… She closed her eyes pretty tight trying to
bear every pain she perceived. I get sorry for her but happy
for myself.
The feeling inside of her was soothing and mind blowing.
Her tightened grip on me enthralled me to an ecstasy I had
never experienced before.
After about 10 minutes I climaxed inside of her. It was so
compelling I had to lie on top of her and remained inside till
I shrunk out of her. I then put on the light and the bed sheet
was stained with blood, it was a gory sight. she helped
removed it and washed it that night. We both showered and
laid on the mattress and started talking. I said to her. “What
came over you?”
She said. “My friend Bimpe got deflowered last week by a
guy that never truly loved her. She gave it to him because
she wanted him to stay. But I gave it to you because you are
truly caring, loving and supporting. I have written JAMB
exams 4 times and because of you I made it this time.
My life would have be nothing without you.” I said to her.
“Tope, I truly care about you. But don’t you think that was
too extreme?” She said. “It had to be you. It would have
been with a guy that doesn’t deserve it. We have known each
other for 3 months and you never asked for it. I have no
regrets Adeoluwa Even though we don’t end up together.”

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I then said. “You are sweet girl Tope.” She said. “One more
thing.” I said. “What?” She then said. “We have to do it one
more time in the morning, my friend told me the more I do
it the more I enjoy it. I need to enjoy you Adeoluwa I know
you are finishing service soon and I won’t see you again.
Please let me have the privilege.”
I pondered for a while and I said. “Okay Tope, no problem.”
We had s*x that morning, though she was in pain but she
bore it all because of me, because of her love, her
commitment, her pa*sion for me. I knew in my heart that if
her circumstances was a bit better I would vow to marry her
against all odds. I loved her…………
watchout for part 7

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