The Heat Of Virginity…. Part 3



Her first day at my place was an amazing one. She brought
me rice, dodo and 3 pieces of meat. I was really touched
and I felt she truly cared for me. The most enthralling thing
she did again was, she washed all my dirty clothes, including
my boxers and she swept my room and arranged my stuffs.
No lady had done such to me except my mom. I was moved
by that and felt more obliged to her.
We couldn’t do any reading that day. So I walked her home
around 6:30pm. I got to my room and it looked quite
different. Neat and very organized. I laid on my neatly made
bed and I thought to myself. “Is it possible something real
can happen between Tope and I??” But I considered the
years she would spend in the University and all.

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She came the following day. This time she wore a fitted
gown. I Knew I was going to be in trouble if I don’t seldom
caution myself. I then told her to list out the most difficult
topics she was facing. I put her through and she was quite
intelligent in grasping, I was really impressed by her keen
interest in understanding.
After studying she then looked at me and said. “How is your
girlfriend?” I laughed and said. “Tope I don’t have a
girlfriend.” She said. “I don’t believe you.” I then said to her.
“Tope, I am not lying to you. Girls don’t find me attractive,
it’s not that I am good looking. Even while in school, I never
had the chance to date any girl I admired.”

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She said. “adeoluwa , I know you are special I saw it in your
eyes the first time we met at my mom’s canteen. You are a
special man.”


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