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The AREWA Crooner Saxipet unveiled the  story behind the AREWA track, in an interview section with our team #TEAM_AMEBO… sit back,  read and catch the scope as he they hot from the AMEBO BAKERY GONGON  and then finally use the comment box to commend SAXIPET on this not forgetting to hit the download bar.

The Story Started………………….. 


Real name: Akinbi sunny Ayomikun
Stage name: Saxipet
date of birth: june 7
state of origin: Ondo state (Okitipupa)
Place of birth: Lagos state
Record label: Naira Music
Genree: Jojo Hiphop,and African rhythm.



Akinbi sunny(Saxipet), one of the Nigerian’s best saxophonist,a graduate of Yaba college of Technology,studied Electrical/Electronics Engineering.

The multi-Instrumentalist and song writter was born into an Anglican Family,he started music at the early age of 10, with the theory of music and at 14,he started playing the Trumpet as an instrument professionally and the saxophone at 17.
he is known to be a good soloist expecially when it comes to covering Nigerian Hiphop songs.
Few of the hiphop songs he has covered are; Igbeyawo by oritsefemi, raggaeblues by harrysong, melo melo by olamide, jabole by Temmie ovwasa, love dont care by simi, pickup by Adekunle Gold and many more.

He is also good when it comes to vocals,he dropped a song titled #Arewa in the year 2015, and presently working on more vocal songs. And also presently working with few Nigeria artiste for more songs.


Amebosquare:  When and why did you start playing sax?

Saxipet: I started playing the saxophone in the year 2010 when I noticed saxophonists are more respected and needed in Nigeria than Trumpeters
And because I wanted to play my personal music.

Amebosquare: Wow!.. So talking about your career do parent really support you or they are against you ?

Saxipet: Seriously against me at first because there believe was that musicians are unserious set of people and are used to dropping out of school so they were scared until I showed them I can balance both Academics and Music together,so glad they are fully in support of my musical career now.
Amebosquare: Good for you there… Buh how well are you able to balance music to and academics.. Cause there will be that time you will have to showup in a show and you wunt also wonna miss that lecture …

Saxipet: Of course I missed alot of lectures while I was in school because I so much find joy in music and also that’s what I also used in sponsoring myself to school but the Grace of God kept me moving and was also one of the best student in my class
Amebosquare:  Saxipet! Saxipet!! Saxipet!!!…how do you come up with that stage name!!…  Sure You a saxophonist and the abbreviation for that is  SAX .. I really  wonna no how,and what made the IPET with SAX to make it SAXIPET

Saxipet: Hmmmm, I started playing the trumpet at early 14 as I said earlier so when I picked up the saxophone I don’t wanna neglect or forget the trumpet so I had to merged the two musical instruments Saxophone+Trumpet = Sax+Pet so to make it sound more matured i added a vowel and I think (i) is the best vowel when pronounced
Amebosquare:This interesting .. So you really telling me that you can handle the trumpet as well as the saxophones… Or saxophone than the trumpet

Saxipet: Both perfectly depending on the kinda music and that’s why I am Saxipet da Horns Oracle.
I am presenty working on a Trumpet cover also

IMG-20160805-WA0022Amebosqure: Mehn you talent, Every musicians have stories to tell.. And few had no story.. Can you share with the readers that bad moment that remains refresh In your brain.. In short what are the challenges you have faced been an upcoming or saxophonist
 Saxipet: Alot ooo(smile) but let me tell you my present challenges.
The first challenge is the financial aspect presently am glad to tell you I have 4 saxophones and A trumpet and several musical gadgets all I bought with my sweat and money but the most painful and tasking is that everyone want you to come perform for free after all this investments!!!
And another one is the challenges of being an upcoming artiste, fans/listeners don’t always wanna download your songs not to talk of listening to it except you have a unique style and with prayers and its painful when you pay bloggers and still can’t have enough downloads
Amebosquare: We the Amebosquare Team.. We do allot of researches.. And we Have confirmed that you are used to making Nigeria threading songs covers.. Your saxcover.. We listened to the covers you made. Eg: Dayonmo,igbe yawo and others.. The question is when you make this covers and you shared them on your social networks have you been commended by the track owners or they fault you for making your cover ?????
 Saxipet: I haven’t really been commended materially and also never been scolded either but they all have heard the covers of their songs!!
Presently working on my cover album which title and artwork will be unveiled soonest so that is where I wanna get my financial and material rewards because I have come to understand that Nigerians want visible project i mean what they can see

IMG-20160805-WA0023Amebosquare: Good… Based on the anticipation of the coming true!!!… Issue. #AREWA .. What really is the AREWA about… Who is the AREWA GONGON.. Are you singing it for an individual ? AREWA should be a love song and if yes… Is it an interpretation of your love life .?

Saxipet: (Smile) Partially sir,the title Arewa came to my mind while cracking jokes with my elder sister at home and my Ex lover just broke up with me at that time I never expected because she never wanted me to do music so I had to compose Arewa to describe the kinda lady I want for a wife IF i ever wanna be in love again
Painful but interesting.
Amebosquare: To say, the AREWA  track will be more like SADE by Adekunle Gold where Sade did not wonna follow adekunle Gold and you here AREWA broke your precious heart.. Lol

 Saxipet: Yes oooo(smile) Still painful but interesting.

Amebosquare: Mehnnnn…. I feel already the track is gonna be Hot even in the Winter!!!… So we come to the end of the interview.. so say  your appreciation,share your social media ID’s..

Saxipet: Facebook : Saxipet Arewa
Instagram : @saxipet
Twitter.     : @saxipet01
Tel. 07055642905 07080531624
Respect to everyone who love the brand Saxipet and to everyone who download or have my songs on their phones and system I thank you all.
Maximum respect to every DJs who helped in playing my songs also and respect to every upcoming artiste and I pray we all shall get to the place of our destiny.




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  1. wf derof says:

    Track downloaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice interview section

  2. OkoAfusa_HimSelf says:

    Saxipet nice one for a start…. just hearing your sound…. they said you do cover… have not heard any cover ohhh

  3. janet says:

    Oya now…… Ehya Arewa broke is heart shaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!………… i just wish you got there and arewa will regret her action #trackDownloaded

  4. walezy says:

    Nice one Bro!!!!! jah bless your hustle

  5. michest blogger says:

    Good one there

  6. saxipet says:

    My sax covers are all available on Google I have done the Igbeyawo sax cover, dayanmo saxcover, Reggaeblues saxcover , jabole saxcover , love don’t care saxcover , melo melo saxcover and many more you type download saxipet and the the cover u want on google E.G saxipet igbeyawo ,saxipet reggaeblues and so on thanks

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