SUGElection”18 : Tasuedites Protest Over Rigged And Unfair Election ( video +photo)

There’s a great pandemonium in Tai solarin University of education (TASUED) today over rigged and unfair election. When the students favorite was voted out ….

From a reliable source an Independent Tasued Electoral Commission (ITEC) member threatened to beat a student protesting against Injustice and rigging with charm.

The pandemonium started when the independent Tasued Electoral Commission (ITEC) officials changed the voting scores of the student favorite opponent from 81 to 85,the students saw this and were very angry and this lead to a great pandemonium and fight in the university.

The issue was later resolved when the Dean of the Student affairs came to announce the actual number of votes.

The declaration of the winner was shifed to the 3rd of July 2018.

See photos and video below :

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