Students Writes Open Letter To FUTMINNA School Administrative



A Student sent an open letter To FUTMINNA School Administrative..


Read Bellow….





THE family of YEYE ON the 15th of February slept on the news of the loss of their Son, One of the Finest footballer to Ever graze Sunshine United Football Academy and FUTMINNA Itself.


He Once had a chance to travel out of this Country to have a shot of realizing his childhood dreams as one of the greatest footballers but he choose the Education Path, He choose to Work and Read tirelessly For his Certificate and Play football for This Citadel of Learning Along with the Fear of 1.5CGPA at the back of his mind.


Not here to point fingers, but


Firstly the players of the school team who have trained with the school team endlessly since the beginning of session to get dropped at the latter stage before a competition for a player who came to the training ground only a week before the competition all because his a senior player, how about those being picked just by paying a little amount of money over those who worked hard for their chance at being picked.



It saddens me so much to see in this institution which is full of boards, body of panels and a lot of committee not to have a sport committee or sport boards to sympathize with the FAMILY OF MASTER YEYE OLALEKAN EMMANUEL.



But a committee was designated to look into the disarray which resulted into the burning down of the school clinic.



What the committee could come up with was the Estimation of what was damaged in the fire not the Estimation of what MASTER YEYE OLALEKAN EMMANUEL LIFE Could have being worth to His Family, What He could have achieved with his certificate, what he could have done for his family, the smile he could have brought to his mother’s face and make her proud for all
her struggles, suffering and care.



We have been asked to pay #4950 per student to rebuild the school clinic, permit me to say that the school clinic was never anything for treating and curing illnesses other than adding pain to illnesses (You go there for Ulcer treatment they give you Paracetamol).e t.c.



The School Clinic is rather a hideout for Doctors who are not capable and up to par and for uncertified Nurses.



What happens to the Doctor on duty that fateful day and the nurses. They get to keep their Jobs and resumes as soon as the school clinic is built why the Family of MASTER YEYE OLALEKAN EMMANUEL gets to bury their Son.



Is the #4950 we the student meant to pay a donation from the Students to the Family of MASTER YEYE OLALEKAN EMMANUEL, Cos if its that we (Students) will Gladly pay and if its for damages what happened to the caution fee
paid by we students every session.



What has become the money the family of MASTER YEYE OLALEKAN EMMANUEL Spent on the deceased for 3Years, that money is a waste due to negligence of the Doctor and nurses on duty that fateful day and the school clinic who hasn’t got the required equipments to treat the Deceased when he was brought in.



The School Authority of this Citadel of learning (FUTMINNA) have decided and come to Conclusion to Extort us and make Fortune for themselves.



Its time for all we students to STAND UP AND STAND TALL To make our Voices heard. The Sum amount of #4950 is too much for the damages. What happened to our caution fee?.



And Also can the School Clinic be rebuild, and also can the purchase of damaged equipments be arranged within the Space of 7Days March 11th- March 18th, Or they just want to extort us then send us back home for a lengthy



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