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Huspuppi Reply Mompha Exposes His Dirty Secrets

Moment after Mompha took to his social media platforms to blast hushpuppi for living fake lifestyle as he still yet to help his taxi driver daddy and bread seller mom. Hushpuppy has also taken to his snapchat page to reveal more dirty secrets of mompha.

The Heat Of Virginity… Part 9

The company made arrangements for me to travel to the U.S for a 10 months managerial course. I only wished I could tell the good news to Tope, but there was no means, she didn’t have a phone, she wasn’t on social media and not

The Heat Of Virginity… Part 8

I then said. “Please Tope, I just need to know how you are faring, to know if I can help you with anything, to hear your sweet voice again. Please Tope it means a lot to me.” She took the money and she started sobbing

The Heat Of Virginity… Part 7

I loved her and I became so fond of her. We became more carnal and grew in intimacy. Everyday we engaged in lascivious delight and Tope began to enjoy the pleasurable ecstasy each time we entangled in the salacious act. After my service year had

The Heat Of Virginity… Part 6

Raise your finger up a bit…. No a little bit down….Yes there.” She directed me to the spot but it didn’t seem like an opening. I then applied little pressure in putting the tip of my finger inside, She closed her eyes and said. “Be

The Heat Of Virginity… Part 5

I didn’t have condoms with me and it was late to get one. After about 15 minutes she then came out from the bathroom wrapped in my towel. She then put off the light switch and laid beside me. She apparently didn’t have any clothes

The Heat Of Virginity… Part 4

    I was moved by what she said. No lady had ever said that thing to me before. I began to feel for her and that was when I started to really care for her. She looked at my feet and said. “Aaah.. Adeoluwa.

The Heat Of Virginity…. Part 3

  Her first day at my place was an amazing one. She brought me rice, dodo and 3 pieces of meat. I was really touched and I felt she truly cared for me. The most enthralling thing she did again was, she washed all my

The Heat Of Virginity… Part 2

I then hid behind the canteen and after about 15 minutes she left the place. Tope then came to meet me and said. “Sorry about it.” I then said. “Its’s okay, no sweat. Your mom is strict right?” She said. “No she’s not. I am

Another Erotic Story: The Heat Of Virginity… Part 1

  My name is adeolu. There’s a saying. “What can’t kill you can make you stronger.” But the truth is action speaks louder than mere words. I don’t know how strong I will be coming out from this predicament that I have found myself. This

(Episode 2) Village Teacher … from Pit to the Palace!

  The driver struggled to get hold of the steering as he swayed in and out of the road. Clement who was now awake clung to Bala’s shirt yelling,  Clement: “So, this how we are going to die. Oh! Oh, my God!! Mary and Joseph!!”