Shocking Revelation: Read What A Prostitute Said They Do To Attract Customer


– Prostitutes now go extra-miles just make sure they got the highest patronage.

-A prostitute from Nketa which resides  in Bulaway of Zimbabwe as disclosed the use of  anointing oil, to attract clients and the results are unbelievable.


According to Chipo Rwizi she disclosed that because of the competition they embark on just  to get Customers, most prostitutes have resorted to using different means to attract customers.

“Traders, shop owners,White colas Workers, omnibus operators use anointing oil because they want money.

I am in the business of s*x work so I have to wise up because there is stiff competition my sister,” Rwizi said.

Speaking deep about how she uses the anointing oil, Rwizi said she buys anointing oil for $7 per 50ml from a supplier who is a member at  a prominent Pentecostal church with branches in Bulawayo and Harare.

However, she refused  to name the supplier, fearing that the outcome might be unfavorable for her.

“I can’t tell you because I don’t want my well to run dry, she said.

Rwizi who operates along Josiah Tongogara and 11th Avenue revealed that the anointing oil works wonders.

[“I used to smear potions from a traditional healer but i didn’t see any difference.

Anointing oil really works for me. I oil my entire body when I am about to go to work.

Every man looks in my direction. I don’t try hard to entice them but they just approach me,” she added.

She revealed the anointing oil has helped her catch wealthy clients and will continue to use it.

“Most of my clients are patrons at up market joints.On a good day I make about $110 per night but I usually charge $40 per night .

I don’t have a fixed charge,it depends with the atmosphere and chemistry ,”] she concluded


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