“SECRET OF THE STEET” A Book By Teju Babyface Every Success Aspirant Must Acquire


“SECRETS OF THE STREETS”  a book written by Stand up comedian cum host of TV programme, Teju Babyface Show  , the book was launched this year September to reveal  23 Secrets of achieving success in the entertainment industry and anywhere else!!! 

The Book which has been commended and recommended by Success individuals such as Rev.Dr Femi Paul, MI, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Ali baba,  Wole Arole and Others. had also gotten testimonies from people who has in one way or the other been strengthened,enhanced my the revealed 23 secret of achieving success .

This book will provide answers for millions of young people across Africa who desire to have a successful career in the entertainment industry, it is more than just a book written to that industry. Even though the experiences are personal (of course), the principles remain universal and will be instructive for young people who desire success in any industry at all – Teju ‘babyface’ Oyelakin

“How do i get mine ?” should be your next Question …..

You can get yours by downloading the Ebook  from

Google play store


 http://www.Tejubabyface.org OR  better still you place order on KONGA.COM


6 thoughts on ““SECRET OF THE STEET” A Book By Teju Babyface Every Success Aspirant Must Acquire”

  1. pst, paul o urata says:

    l and my family love teju baby face tv show
    its very entertaining , full of life, and very educative. keep it up. May you live long to see your children, children in JESUS name.
    Sir, how can I get the book : Secrete of the Street by teju baby face.

  2. amebosquare says:

    You can download it to your phone on Google play store.. by just searching for it.. thanks for the comment

  3. Akintade temidayo says:

    I love your show, even any time on Sunday I do watch it from AIT, keep it on.

  4. akerele says:

    love d show

  5. Yakubu Ibrahim says:

    Good day sir, my is Yakubu Ibrahim living in Abuja Nigeria, longing to become a comedian, how do go about it, and how do I get some book that can educate me on this my ambition. or how and where I can get some comedy books in Abuja.

  6. Damisa Precious says:

    The book is very inspiring, interesting which I think everyone who is inspiring to be successful personal in life…. Should get the book 📚..

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