SARS Officials Shots Young Man At His Leg.. Read Reason (photos)

Just few days after shooting an innocent boy on the leg while hunting for “yahoo boys” in Sagamu, Ogun State, the operatives of the state’s Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), have struck again in Ilishan Remo, leaving their victim battling to save his leg at Babcock hospital.
An eyewitness gave his account of the incident thus:
“This is Bolaji and he was shot by SARS in Ilishan Remo, Ogun State yesterday, around 4:30pm, claiming he was a “yahoo boy” which he isn’t, and immediately he was shot they ran away. My point is, they were supposed to be catching robbers and not just ordinary boys, yahoo is a crime but they’re not in the place to shoot and why would they run after shooting the guy all in the name of claiming the guy should give them money?”

4 thoughts on “SARS Officials Shots Young Man At His Leg.. Read Reason (photos)”

  1. Olaoluwa says:

    95percent of yahoo dat area are not yahoo boy but money ritualist did you know how people have lost dere life In d area of ilishan, ikenne, iperu, ogere, ishagamu, ode, irolu and so on

  2. Janet says:

    SARS- special automatic robber squad

    Awon ole

  3. OkoAfusa_HimSelf says:

    The culprits should be fished out and made the face the music

  4. wf derof says:

    Dis country cannot be better until d govt admits no one is above d law…be it military nd paramilitary outfit or govt officials…

    This is soo barbaric

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