#RIPMayowa: Mayowa Ahmed of #SaveMayowa Campaign Passes On

After all effort to die down the  Ovarian Cancer, Mayowa Ahmed of #SaveMayowa campaign has passed on.

The death was announced by her brother on his twitter handle: @Asiwaju_Foye.

By Allah, in who’s hands our lives is, Mayowa Ahmed has left us in this world. We pray that Jannat becomes her home

Condolences to the family. RIP

8 thoughts on “#RIPMayowa: Mayowa Ahmed of #SaveMayowa Campaign Passes On”

  1. loveth says:

    If there’s anything i’ve learnt from the whole drama, its to be slow to speak just as the Bible says. If not for the controversy, I imagine how much of a hero Toyin would have been now. I pray God grants Mayowa eternal rest and comforts her family at this very trying period

  2. EmmyLEee says:

    RIP to her. May her family find comfort. I partially blame her family tho,instead of spending her last days making her happy and at peace. The stage she got to was already terminal and all she needed was palliative care. Even if there was no saga she was too weak to fly, they couldn’t fly her to Dubai or the US coz she was already too weak and they knew this. I know people like to blame others for their problems. I just lost a family member to cancer but luckily for me we had two doctors in my family and one is an oncologist ( cancer specialist) and we fought cancer gallantly for 6 years but when it got to her terminal stage we decided to just care for her until she passed and we are still grieving her. Truth is even at that time of the saga the family had not secured a concrete hospital abroad to take her to so everyone should stop the blame game and instead learn from this. If you are soliciting help from the public, please be open about the plans on how to spend the money because the public have become partial shareholders so they deserve to know and also be nice to people who are trying to help you, you owe it to them to show appreciation. I felt the family wasn’t soo nice hence everyone’s agitation. I understand them wanting privacy but it is only fair to at least carry everyone along and publicly appreciate their key helpers like Toyin, Aramide and Linda who helped them get the much needed publicity

  3. Gracee says:

    Honestly I couldn’t agree with you more. I initially was soo angry at the whole scam incident but I carefully thought about it and realised everything you wrote. I pray I don’t loose anyone to cancer forget say I be man, am super emotional

  4. Nawee says:

    While most people will spend time wondering what happens to the donations received in the aftermath of Mayowa’s demise, let us take time out to reflect on our failed health sector where seemingly decent upscale hospitals like Reddington are unable to give correct diagnosis much more major a major teaching hospital.

    We should all be afraid, angry and deeply worried because no one is safe.

    Rest in peace Mayowa.

  5. JAmess says:

    I just feel so bad & more so that her last days were not totally filled with peace, life shouldn’t be this hard. May her soul rest in peace and may God comfort her family and grant them the grace to carry on.

  6. waleGold says:

    I hope Linda is satisfied

  7. LadyLAG says:

    I knew someone would mention Linda, pls pls God decides who lives and dies not Linda, its a pity she is gone but dat ain’t linda’s fault. Moreover her family wasted time too with trying to secure a place that wasn’t too far, lets just keep blames out of it and let the dead rest in peace
    RIP Mayowa

  8. OjoSneh says:

    Dont be stupid. Which Linda? Family’s hand not clean. How come they delayed on gobdong a hospital abroad? Instead, they were lying. USA toda, Dubai tomorrow then SA. The girls case was bad. The SA doctor just collected his share of the donation. The arrangements by the family from the onset was untidy and shady.

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