Popular Bishop Who Was Caught Sleeping With His Niece Defends Himself

The pastor made headlines recently after images of him emerged showing him lying in a compromising position with his niece.
the bishop wife had allegedly caught him sleeping with the housemaid whom he claimed was his niece, with the help of a CCTV camera she had installed in their bedroom and sitting room.
The Bishop’s wife went on to sue him for the act on a charge of infidelity.
Now the Bishop has come out to deny the allegations and has accused his wife of attacking his ministry.
According to The Nairobian, Muthoka claims his wife is accusing him falsely and has the intention of bringing down his ministry.
Here’s what he said below: “In fact we have hired more than 70 house helps because she has been suspicious for no reason, why did she pinpoint the girl in question and not any other. I cannot even sleep with her because of blood ties.
“How is it even possible to do that in the house in the presence of my wife? From the looks of it, she is after money and destroying our family judging from demands in the court documents.
“She has been suspecting me for no reason because I travel a lot even one time I went for crusade in Mombasa and she accused me to have gone for other things”.

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