Police Stray Bullet Hits 18 Year Old Boy In Ketu Lagos (Photo)

According to an effective  Facebook user, Fredrick Omojuwa Imisi whose brother was a victim of police misuse of gun shared this story with us!!!

The NIGERIA POLICE FORCE (KETU DIVISION) are always of dis evil acts.Sometimes ago, at Anibaba str,ketu lagos,A police officer(ketu division)shot and killed 3 pple(twince bros and their friend ), den,shot himslf dead as well.hmm ..I don’t knw when and where d law permits police or any forces to use cutlass as weapons. This is what people witness several times and even yestrday -.Sunday 23rd of Oct,2016.The same group of police men from ketu division chased okada riders to our Str(OMOJUWA Street,kosofe Ketu Lagos-state ).As they were running after d okada men ,people on d str were confused and afraid,so everyone was trying to run for his /her life.Suddenly ,it was loud sound of a gun shot by one of the Police men and before we know it ,this my younger brother Omojuwa Samuel Olatunji, a 18year Old was ‘mistakenly’ shot on his leg without any offence .The question is dis,why do some of our police get drunk and still carry gun? Why do they smoke Indian helm when carrying gun?….. Won’t that cause confusion? Similar scene happens daily in Nigeria. In fact!KETU POLICE MEN are BIG DISGRACE to Nigeria police force!imagine,witnesses confirmed that one of them smels alcohol and was holding Gun .D painful aspect is,As am saying right now,samuel Omojuwa is passing tru serious pains in d hospital without any crime. Plz fellow Nigerians,help me out!!! Lets share this together and let’s put an end to this.Its A crayzzzzy THING

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