Nigeria Police To Open An Online Platform For Crime Report


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  • It is said to be an alternative to keep the police to track of violence art in the environment.
  • It is also to trace if the criminal as any before the very arrest

In order reduce the rising trend of crimes,Robbery and  kidnapping of children from from the society the Nigerian Police may be looking at creating an on_line platform where persons who intend to employ helps can supply the names and photos of the prospective help, so a search can be carried out to determine if they have ever been involved in any crime or have links to criminals.

speaking from the source : 

“any person before employing any help may also appear with the help at any station closest to them for data capturing of such prospective help. This is to serve as a deterrent in the event the person decides to run with the child or children of their employer. and if they eventually decide to kidnap any child, they can easily be found and prosecuted as measures would be put in place for exactly this purpose.”


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