Please Help! This Girl Wants To Destroy Our Family


Sometime November or thereabout I heard that my elder brother is having a relationship with a girl infact living with the girl under my late father’s roof, I confronted him he said that the girl is a good girl that she is godly, she full of godly attributes, describing how the is and everything I told him that is he sure because most girls of these days will go any lent just to secure a man, he defended the girl.

My widowed mum is also living in the same house that my brother went to bring in this girl, ever since the girl came into the family she has caused serious enmity between my mother and my brother, my brother calls my mum all sorts of evil names, he doesn’t greet or talk to her anymore,the girl would tel a lie against my mum and my brother wont even ask questions he will just start reacting against the poor widow who he knows has Bp, causing the woman to be weeping every now and then while he goes around misbehaving with this girl, elders have spoken to him that the girl isnt the right person for him, families have spoken yet he ignores everybody.

This same brother of mine was keeping malice with my dad until the man died, now my brother goes about selling my father’s land and collecting properties that he didnt work for, eating the money with this same girl. It has gotten bad that the girl has stylish dragged him into doing her introduction so she can have full access and control.

Please I need an honest and sincere advice, my mum is in the village with my brother, I and my 2 sisters who are married are in lagos.

Guys please you need to shine your eyes and pray very well before you carry any girl.

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