How I Picked Up a Prostitute for a Night and Fell in Love with Her

Prostitutes-In-NigeriaA man has fallen in love with a prostitute and don’t know what to do about it as he fears for the future. According to the story shared on YoAnswers, the man is undecided on what decision to take.
Read his story below:
Hi all, my name is Nkosi and I picked up a  s*x worker for a night, now we are in love with each other. This happened over 2 months ago but it’s manifesting even stronger now. Yes I sometimes patronize s*x workers in clubs and high-end restaurants.
About two months ago when my brother returned from Europe, he told me to take him to a club to cool off. When we got to a near by club he was like “Bro there nothing here man..” I was confused. The club was bubbling so i asked what he meant and when I figured out I took him to a different place where there was “something”. On getting there, he called in one of the girls and I was moved just by the way the girl dressed and my wife was out of town so I asked the girl if she has a friend then she happily brought her friend. My brother and I took the girls to a nearby hotel to “cool off”.
Fast forward to 3 weeks later from that night, I and the girl I went down with continued communicating. The girl was/is actually a student of the university there which impressed me. I observed her fluent English and polished lifestyle compared to the other ladies there and I asked her why she was hooking.. she explained her story to me. Many times we have s*x i treat her the way I treat my wife unlike the way I handle other prostitutes. Over time we became friends. She calls sometimes to say hi. It got to a stage she comes over to my place, cooks for me, we make love and she doesn’t collect any money.
I don’t know who fell in love first between myself and her but all I know is I am in love with her even my brother told me that he suspects she is in love with me. She called me 4 days ago and told me she would like to see me so I invited her to my office to talk and she told me how she felt. I wanted to tell her I am married but even I am in love with her deep down within myself so I told her to calm down and let’s observe how things go.
I am confused right now, I don’t know what to do. My wife returns in a few weeks I am so confused.

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