(photos) See what Kiss Daniels did to unite 2Face and 9ice

kiss danielkiss daniel

Kiss Daniels album launch which was staged on Sunday, May 15, at the Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos, witness a New Era as the man of the moment was able to reunite two veterans 2baba and 9ice.

Kiss Daniel performing with 9ice and 2baba at his album launch which held on May 15 at Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos.

While other top Nigerian music artists were thrilling the audience with amazing songs and the comedians were cracking the guests, Kiss Daniels who staged an a breathtaking entrance on stage could not help but acknowledge the presence of two veterans in the industry who have helped him build career in the music industry.

The moment which could be described as the highlight of the night was when Kiss Daniels called on 2baba and 9ice on stage as he thanked them for making him actualize his dream in such a little while.

During his performance, the man of the moment called on 2baba and 9ice surprisingly to come on stage as the veterans performed their hit single, Street Credibility which was a surprise to the audience. This was the first time the duo would be singing together ever since they released the song between 2008 and 2009.

After they have both struggled to be who they are today, 2baba and 9ice bonded as if they were just singing the song for the first time as their audience could not help but put on their dancing shoes. At this point, no one was sitting as everyone stood up to dance.

Kiss Daniels hugging 2baba on stage at the launch of his album, New Era

Kiss Daniels hugging 2baba on stage at the launch of his album, New Era

As if it would end there, 9ice decided to thrill everyone with one of his most controversial hit singles Gongo Aso. Without letting him sing alone 2baba and Kiss Daniels joined him and it was as if the three of them had rehearsed the song together. They looked good together and their fans would be wondering if they would be cooking up something in the studio soon.

However the song Street Credibility, also became popular due to a verse of the song that says:

.“Categorically I’m the best mentally, no gainsaying I’m the cutest physically. Don’t doubt me I go bring home Grammy, incredible, remarkable, unbeatable, palatable, reliable, Gudugudu, akinkanju, arakangudu, okunrin ogun…. yeah!!” but 9ice is yet to bring home one Grammy award

This could be reported to be 9ice major stage performance ever since his pursuit of political appointment in is hometown, Ogbomoso, Oyo state. After his performance, 9ice prayed for Kiss Daniel saying that he will prosper no matter all odds adding that, no evil shall before him but he will continue to grow from success to success and the whole audience shouted “Amen.”

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