The Heat Of Virginity… Part 9

The company made arrangements for me to travel to the U.S for a 10 months managerial course. I only wished I could tell the good news to Tope, but there was no means, she didn’t have a phone, she wasn’t on social media and not

The Heat Of Virginity… Part 8

I then said. “Please Tope, I just need to know how you are faring, to know if I can help you with anything, to hear your sweet voice again. Please Tope it means a lot to me.” She took the money and she started sobbing

The Heat Of Virginity… Part 7

I loved her and I became so fond of her. We became more carnal and grew in intimacy. Everyday we engaged in lascivious delight and Tope began to enjoy the pleasurable ecstasy each time we entangled in the salacious act. After my service year had