OSMA AWARD : Vision And Mission 

Ondo State Music Award is built up to recognize artistes in Ondo State.. the award major aim is to celebrate young and upcoming music stars that ply there trade in Ondo State. We have realized other the years that this set of people are not being giving the deserved recognition thereby making them sojourn to Nigeria’s largest commercial hub, Lagos to see if they can be recognized , this award also pays more cognizance to youthful artistry and importance hence; it celebrates and encourages the vibrancy and contributions of music entrepreneurs to the betterment of the economy by massively inculcating them into the rewards system.

The aim and mission of Ondo State Music Award Are ; To Celebrate the Uncelebrated; To Appreciate and encourage hard work and diligence; To create an environment filled with love  where everyone lives in peace and harmony; To create an environment where equality is exalted and inferiority complex free society; To help youth secure job through the help and assistance of sponsors and partners; To contribute a quota to nation building, promoting entrepreneurship and productiveness in youths; To promote the dignity of music as a legacy.

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