[Opinion] See Reason Why Guns Should Be Legalized In Nigeria


Many people don’t seem to realize the benefit of legalizing guns in Nigeria. They think of the disadvantages alone, not the advantages. Why are we narrow-mindedly opinionated about this issue?

1. Men go into a house to rape a defenseless girl. Would they try that if they knew she’s armed with a gun? Rapists want to rape and live, not to rape and die.

2. Many aged parents still cry days and nights, while their broken souls plead for vengeance. Their innocent children were killed in Jos and elsewhere while they were serving their fatherland.

3. In Nigeria, most criminals want to do bad things to people and go scot-free. If they knew people had guns as well, they would think twice.

4. I must be blunt, what gives most criminals the gut to attack people is because people are defenseless. If 20 assassins go to a man’s house, they’ll kill him. But the man can kill up to 3 of them before he dies. This is better than when the man is killed without being able to kill anyone in return.

5. One-Chance, terrorists, herdsmen, militants, money ritualists, armed robbers, thugs, bullies, etc., are able to go away unscathed in most cases because their victims don’t have guns. To be frank, those who attack you have power over you only because they’re armed and you’re not.

6. If most members communities have guns in their hands, do you think armed robbers would like to go to their lion’s den to molest them?

7. Militants that terrorize communities would be afraid to do so; unless they’re going on suicide missions. The same is true of mad Jihadists. No mad or rabid dog would deliberately run into a burning fire.

8. Domestic violence would cease…. A corrupt cop would cease pointing their gun to a poor and helpless okada rider because of N100.

9. Lazy thugs that collect money they don’t work for would think twice before they start cursing or threatening their victims, ordering for money they don’t work for.

10. It’s true, many people would die. But the remaining people alive would sit right. They would show respect for one another. Politeness would prevail and crimes would be reduced to almost zero. Isn’t there any sense in this?

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