Omg! Native Doctor Dies While Having S3x With Prostitute (Disturbing Photo)


Na too much sweetness or what?

A Native doctor has reportedly lost his life while having s3x with a commercial s3x worker in Isiala Mbano LGA of Imo state.

According to reports, the native doctor, identified as Lambert Osigwe met his untimely death few days ago while having s3x with a prostitute known as Onyinye Nwosu in an hotel near Anara main market in the state.

We heard that the native doctor was ‘customer da da ni’ at the popular hotel to the extent that he can even visit the hotel without for free s3x.

Narrating the sad scene, an eyewitness told Punch that, Onyinye Nwosu is a whore who plies her trade in a local brothel in Anara here and one Mr Lambert is one of her good customers whose patronage kept her in the business.

Most times and for unknown reasons he comes to buy used condoms with sperm from the prostitutes, and at the same time patronises his regular customer, Onyinye.


So today, he came around but not to buy either used condoms or s3x for according to him he had no money. Out of the business strategy of retaining her customer, Onyinye decided to offer free s3x service to him.

The man started the enjoyment but could not finish as he suddenly started shaking and jerking, and eventually died in the process”.

We heard that after the incident, the prostitute was arrested while the corpse of the native doctor was taken to a Mortuary.


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