Oh Dear!!!!! Rude School Girl Lands Dirty Slaps on Her Principal Over A Disagreement

rude student

In a most dramatic and rude manner, a school student known for her recklessness has brutally slapped her school principal over a disagreement.
A KwaYanguye High School student near Melmoth, KZN in South Africa has allegedly caused trouble after she brutally slapped her school principal.
According to Daily Sun SA, the incident happened on Monday when a girl doing grade 8 allegedly slapped the principal for telling her to get into class after a break.
A source at the school told Daily Sun SA that the girl who attacked the principal is known for her rude behaviour.
“She does as she pleases at school. She attends classes when she feels like it. She often stays outside the classroom, intimidates others and causes chaos.”
It was gathered that the girl grabbed the principal by his shirt before giving him dirty slaps.
An official, Induna Levela Biyela said he received the news of the incident and was planning to go to the school to get more information.
“I’ve received reports that kids who are arriving late at school cut the fence to get in,” said Biyela. He said he has also attended a number of meetings on the issue of drug abuse by students.
Education spokesman Sicelo Khuzwayo said the department will conduct an investigation.
“We will give a suitable punishment if we found someone has been on the wrong side,”he said.

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