“I am not married” – D’banj Denies Secret Marriage


D’banj Denies Secret Marriage

Nigerian singer, born Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, with the stage name  D’banj, has debunked this claim stating that he is not married and alleges bloggers for English misinterpretation. 



Speaking through his manager, he said,

“D’Banj didn’t do any secret wedding. He had a private event meant for only few family and friends and how that turned to a marriage ceremony is what I don’t know. Some people obviously didn’t understand simple English and we would not dignify them with response on such false tale,”

D’banj himself had a few words and he said,


“…I would tell you the truth, I am not married but if I am, nobody would hear about it. It is going to be a very quiet wedding because I am tired of people asking me that question. It is my personal life and it is not going to change my music or brand. I am not going to get married just because people want me to, neither would I do it just to enter another phase of my life just like some of my colleagues have done. “They make it seem as if once you are married you have retired. But that should not be the case. Marriage would not change anything about me and whenever it happens, nobody would hear about it, there would only be speculations. My wife would not be seeking for fame because the one I have is already enough for all my family members. When I get married, it would be a very quiet one. Who knows, it might have already happened.


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