Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… (Part 11)

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Waking up the very next day, I did with one powerful headache, but ain’t gonna let that get in the way of my hustle, I picked up my phone, checked for notifications and saw none. I then switched on my laptop and was hustling on it till around 2pm.

I then called bosun , his number wasn’t going through, in mind I was like, “shey these boy mad ni, I beg am to gimme number before ni mtxhew “. I then went to take my bath in getting back I saw two missed Calls. Guess who. Dhur not bosun. It was bro ola, I flashed him and he called back.

Bro ola : IFE how far?

Me : not too far bro, its been a while oh.

Bro ola : omo I don port go abeokuta for my gf side, make everything cool down

Me : nice decision bro, but how about your maye? How you dey contact them? Since your lappy dey here.

Bro ola : am with my gf now, so na her lappy I dey use hustle here

Me : OK bro

He sha gave me some Tips about the formats he got over there and some sites too. I was still trying to visit the sites when another call came in. This time it was bosun.

B.B : guy how far? , where you at?

Me : lowkey for my papa house oh

B.B : so what have you been engaged in all this while.
Me : I just they hustle pending admission oh
B.B : What work are you now doing

Me : nothing jae, just there

B.B : OK you fit come blocking me for that paramount side, make we flex more and talk better.

Me : nO problem, would be there in the next 1 hour. Sha bring money along cos I wan ge like nine bottles.

B.B : No lele jae mad guy, that one na small thing, catch you later then.

Naso the call end, I quickly rounded things for binu plus, got dressed and headed for paramount.

To Be Continued…

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