Help!!!!! My Girlfriend Wants to Kill Me with Too Much Sex

My Girlfriend Wants to Kill Me with Too Much Sex

My Girlfriend Wants to Kill Me with Too Much Sex

A man who has attempted exceptional sex enhancers just to match as much as his lady friend’s high sex force has cried out for assist as he can no-longer cope.

A man whose lady friend is captivated with sex has cried out for help as he can not cope once more even after taking sex enhancing capsules. He cannot in shape his female friend’s insatiable choice for sex and has begged for recommendation on a way to cope. read his tale below:

My girlfriend has a higher sex force than me (huge bummer I understand), the other day we were watching the display Louis and one of the characters said “occasionally I simply need to go home, consume a burger, and hit the sack.”

She casually instructed me that she hopes that by no means takes place to me. She wasn’t imply about it, but it kind of got to me because i am like that. I paintings 7 days a week and every so often I just want to watch tv and take a seat back. I’ve been drugging myself with all varieties of libido enhancers just so that i’m able to carry out even when i’m exhausted.

i’m 22 and maximum men would love to be in my state of affairs, however among my complete time process, full time college, and my actual property enterprise I simply get worn out.

Is there something wrong with this? ought to I want sex each unmarried day?

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