Floyd MayWeather Show Off His Private Jets (SEE PHOTOS)


Floyd Mayweather

FLOYD MAYWEATHER The retired boxer who is still one of the world’s highest paid athletes despite hanging up his gloves took to Instagram to show off his private jets.
He captioned the pic: ‘#AirMayweather 1 & #AirMayweather 2 parked back to back.’
He’s been trying his hands at businesses since retiring and for his latest venture, he plans to open a Las Vegas str!p club named Girl Collection.

3 thoughts on “Floyd MayWeather Show Off His Private Jets (SEE PHOTOS)”

  1. walezy says:

    Money over bitches

  2. Janet says:

    How come you hang glove and you are this still much Dope, OGA you a drug dealer joor!!!!!!!!!

  3. OkoAfusa_HimSelf says:

    EyanMayWeather, i just Pray i get the bit of your Richies , He is a Drug Dealer, abeg if you carry drugg nd you also get the richies he has is it bad ?? @Janet

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