Man Claiming To Be Jesus Christ, And His Nine Followers Arrested (Photo+Video)


The Uganda Police  has arrested a man claiming to be Jesus Christ the son of God. Police officer Lamech Kigozi, on Saturday, July 2, said “Emmanuel Solomon Ssemakula”, the man claiming to be son of God, would be taken to court for leading a cult. 

“We are currently looking at a charge of convening an unlawful society,” Kigozi told NTV Uganda. The self-proclaimed Jesus Christ could also be charged with sabotaging government programmes as he instructs his followers not to go to the hospital when ill. All they are to do is to pray to him.
“When they fall sick, they only kneel and pray and ask for blessing from this earthly Jesus (Solomon Ssemakula),”the police officer said.
Despite all the said charges, Solomon Ssemakula has maintained that he is Jesus and he is not afraid to publicly declare so.

“It’s me Jesus Christ, Emanuel, prince of peace, Michael… I was born in Jerusalem,”he said.
His followers, who have been with him for about six years, also believe that he is indeed Jesus Christ.
Solomon Ssemakula said he was preparing his followers for the second coming of his father. He is on a mission to select 144,000 people for the said coming.
Ssemakula was orphaned at a tender age but was lucky to get someone who sponsored his education.
His sponsor then took him to Kenya and Tanzania to spread the word of God before going back to Uganda.



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