Ma Story: My husband’s revenge


He played around with it at the entrance of my Pu.$$y until the thing was coated with my juice.

It all started one night a couple of months ago. D and I were making love. He was sliding his finger deep in and out of my cunt and I was getting extremely turned on.

As he did, he was kissing my neck, my mouth and sliding his hands down my body. I was getting  more warmed up with each touch, wanting more. I was soaking wet as his index finger was moving so deeply in and out of me.

“Are you my naughty little slut?” he asked me.

I moaned. I loved it when he talked dirty. I loved being his naughty slut. “Yes,” I said.

He began to suck on my already-hard N!.pplss. I was losing myself in the pleasure.

He moved to lay on top of me and put his leg against my Pu.$$y while his finger was still in there. Yearning for more, I pushed my clit against his leg while I jerked hard against his finger, rubbing and moving my Pu.$$y against it.

I could feel his erection poking at my sides.

“Do you like my finger inside you?”he asked me.

“Yes,” I said, but I still wanted more. “I want your right now,” I groaned as I commanded.

He obeyed me. He immediately pulled his finger out, mounted me completely and slid his rock hard inside my tight wet cunt.

It was such a pleasurable feeling as his bare slid past my wet Pu.$$y lips.

I felt his throbbing hardness inside me. “Don’t you F**.Cking cum,” I pleaded.

I felt him slow down but his was too good so I began to gyrate my hips and wet Pu.$$y against his hard d.!ck. He could not take it any longer and he exploded inside of me.

I was disappointed and wished he had held it in longer.

“You came, and I was not able to finish,” I said to him. “Why did you not hold it in longer?”

“I couldn’t I was too turned on,” he replied.

I was making dinner about two weeks later and waiting for him to come home when I got a text.

‘Hey baby, I am about to rock your world tonight,’ the message said.

I smiled. I loved it when he teased me like that. I could feel the warmth building between my legs already and I could not wait.

That evening, as we laid in bed kissing, my desire was building as usual when he slid his fingers in and out of my soaking Pu.$$y.

We were enjoying our good time in the dark as usual when he said, “Remember when I finished too soon a couple of weeks ago?”

“Hmm…” I moaned, still very much distracted by the magic that was his fingers.

I felt him push something into my hand. It was massive and thick.

“What’s that?” I asked, curiously.

“Well, since you pointed out that you needed me to last longer, I decided I need some help. In your hand is a dildo, 10 inches long and very thick.”

I licked my lips in excitement. He had never F**.Cked me with a dildo before.

“But, don’t you think it is too big?” I asked as my hand rubbed its length.

“That’s exactly what a little slut like you deserve.” He said. I could hear the edge in his tone. He was not playing.

He retrieved the from my hand and brought it down to the lips of my Pu.$$y. He played around with it at the entrance of my Pu.$$y until the thing was coated with my juice.

He then slowly began to insert it. I could feel the tip of the in me. For a tip, it was really thick. I tried to adjust to it as he pulled it in and out of me.

“More, I want more,” I moaned.

He obliged, pushing the even deeper. I grunted, feeling like a wanton animal. He kept on pushing deeper and deeper until I was crying out.

Finally, I felt the whole of the ten inches enter into my Pu.$$y. My cries were getting louder now. To keep me quiet, he turned around so his crotch was on my face and slid his own into my mouth. I was sucking him and felt the big dildo splitting my tight Pu.$$y open.

The fake squeezed tightly between my Pu.$$y walls and was hitting my G-spot. It was an unimaginable mixture of pleasure and pain.

“Suck my,” he grunted. I realised I was so focused on the up my cunt that I forgot to suck the one in my mouth. I clamped my lips around him and sucked, moaning against him.

He was thrusting hard and deep into my cunt and mouth at the same time. I really did feel like a deserving slut as I was taking both C@.cks like a pro.

Soon, I was bucking wildly against the in my Pu.$$y as I felt my org@.$m building. He took out his from my mouth and focused on my cunt as he slid that 10inch dildo so deep, it was hitting my cervix. I screamed as the org@.$m ripped through me, all over the toy.

When I was done, he removed the toy and brought it to my mouth. I opened wide to take the large as I licked my juicy cum off it.

D then gave me the to hold and suck on as he entered me with his own d.!ck. I moaned, feeling the familiar, yet wonderful pleasure that came with F**.Cking my husband. I held on tight to him as he came and found my own org@.$m for the second time too.

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