LASG Demolished illegal Structures In Jakande, Ejigbo


The Lagos State Government through the operatives of the Ministry of Environment and the Lagos State Building Investment Corporation, demolished illegal structures and makeshift shops within the Jakande Estate area, Oke Afa yesterday, November 1, 2016. The structures according to LASG, is used to deface the estate environment and needed to be demolished to give the estate a facelift.

Prior to the demolition, AmebosquarE learnt that the structures were occupied by retirees, widows, pensioners, and other unemployed ones who had used the place for decades. Also, the residents of the estate earlier protested the planned demolition at the Lagos State House of Assembly on Monday, 31, October, 2016.

According to a resident, “what happened yesterday was the height of wickedness and government’s insensitivity to the plight of the masses. For everyone that cares to know the truth, the demolition had nothing to do with giving the estate an up-lift.”

The resident who shared his thoughts via social media claimed that before the demolition, the revenue collection officers and the relevant agencies collect tax from the occupants of the demolished structures.

In his words, “the government called the structures illegal but ask them if LBIC and Ejigbo LCDA don’t collect money from the shop owners or if LASSRA don’t collect money for shop name advert. Those structures are shops that are mostly owned by pensioners or retirees and it is the only source of livelihood for most people at a period when rice is N23,000, fuel is N145 per litre and a dollar to the Naira is N475. December is around the corner and all the government can think of is to stop the only means of survival of poor masses without providing any alternative. To give the estate an up-lift, start by improving the power condition, fix the roads, get the sewage to work and provide affordable shop alternatives before thinking of demolition. Only God will judge all those behind this wicked and satanic act.”


He added that “I live in the estate and I can categorically tell u that we’ve had the worst power supply in our axis from January till now.  The estate has terrible roads and the government has stopped financing the operation of the central sewage flushing. Individuals in my zone contributed to get the sewage to work when the entire zone became an eye sore due to sewage spillage.”

Another resident identified simply as Prosper said “some people have been rendered homeless and some ‘shopless’ by this act. People are creating jobs for themselves but the government is destroying it without creating anything.”

However, a resident who thinks the demolition was needed disclosed that “it is a sad experience surely, but the argument against the demolition is rather emotional than logical or rational. Those structures are not meant to be there and wasn’t planned for. Yes it has been the norm now for people to create makeshift shops but that doesn’t make it right. In fact, it directly mirrors everything that is wrong with Nigeria. We have all abandoned the hard right decisions for the easy, albeit irrational ones and it’s been haunting us. There comes a time when we have to take a step back and take the painful and hard but completely right logical decisions. It’s for the best.”

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