#IHelpASoul:  Our Mission And Vision 


​*When it comes to charity; Many people stop at nothing & that is the reason we are starting Help A Soul organisation*

The realization that some people out of the kindness of their hearts, follow the procedures of donating gifts, food items and money to charity homes; which actually one of the best ways we can put a smile on these homeless kids and make them feel loved. The priceless love destiny has deprived them of but  having come to realisation that some of  the charity homes are using the means as a way of making money for their personal use and enriching their selves, instead of using it for the actual purpose it’s meant for.

So I came up with something different; Why can’t we go on the streets to feed those that are actually homeless? help with the little we can do for them?. Nobody is thinking about those innocent kids with no option and voice. Most times, I feel bad whenever I’m driving past, and I see those innocent souls praying and begging for alms. Trying to help wash the car windscreens just to get a token to feed their stomach and probably young ones they cater for. You will still see them in the traffic chasing a bus just to sell a sachet water worth Ten naira, and some heartless(should, I say?) fellows would still complain that the water is not cold enough, and have to return it back after the boy or the girl might have run about a mile to catch up with the bus just to get something to feed their stomach.
So, we are making a plan to create an organisation that would continue to exist even when we’re no more on earth as death is inevitable. An organisation that will always fend for the needy; it might not be all their needs, per se, but at least, half a loaf is better than none. A good way to go.

We are planning on going to the street, gather the innocent kids that are hungry, feed, cloth and enroll them into a school for a better tomorrow.

As we all know, a person can’t do it alone. The real power lies in togetherness. I need a dedicated team to make this a success.

Our main target is to help one hundred and thousand kids out there. Kids that will turn out to be good leaders of tomorrow not miscreants.

No financial benefits attached, Sir!. The only benefit is rewarded by God who sees all.

It’s sure, a selfless service to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged.

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E-mail: ihelpasoul@gmail.com

For Sponsorship, Donations and to volunteer to be part of this programme, contact

Segun: 09038181392

Violette: 07086702676

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