Ibadan MMM Participant Sends Private Message to Mavrodi, Wants Money Back Even If The Promised 30% Wunt Be Added (PHOTO)

The announced restriction on the accounts of participants of the foremost wonder bank, MMM on the 13th of December, 2016 has yielded massive panic and awkward behaviours across the country as the 3 million members were taken by a rude shock.
A latest hilarious reaction seems to be coming from the largest city in West Africa, Ibadan where one Dayo who borrowed an assumed huge amount of money on his street is begging for a refund of his invested funds to save his face.
The message has directed to the administrator at the MMM office platform in quack written English which has cracked the ribs of readers on social media.
Read his private message below as posted:
Subject: Pls help me beg Shege Mafroday to let me collect help
Body: Dat money I borrow from Iya Sodiq in d 3 house away from me. My enemies will rejoice on me, if I am not collect the money dis December.. I don’t want percentage again.
Just give me oju owo.
Ejo…Pls. Av mercy.

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