I Cant Marry A Poor Man, Cause I Am Over Endowed – Nigeria Nollywood Actress

Naira for Naira, Pounds for Pounds, only a few women in Nollywood, can hold their own when it comes to going head to head in boobs contest with Bolaji Ogunmola.

Bolaji Ogunmola is an up and coming hot actress, she is so endowed in the bosom, even the likes of Cossy wouldn’t want to be in competition with her .Bolaji has only been on her acting journey for four years but the horizon looks good for her.

In a recent interview with Vanguard’s(Potpourri)
the sExy, charismatic and unassuming ebony beauty pour her mind on some sensitive issues relating to sEx, relationships and her career as an Nollywood actress.

“I am left handed, I like light-skinned guys and very emotional,” she says, describing herself in simple terms.

“I can’t date a poor man and would have preferred having a bigger butt,” she added but declined to comment further on why she prefers bigger butt to her humongous, captivating boobs.

“I have been acting for like four years now but people say you start counting from when you started making impact. So on that note, I became relevant from two years ago. My first film was when I was in the university, that is the University of Ilorin.

After which I got enrolled at Royal Art Academy. I was part of some of their projects like Okon goes to school, Unbedded Niece and some other films,” she says, beaming with smiles.

One thought on “I Cant Marry A Poor Man, Cause I Am Over Endowed – Nigeria Nollywood Actress”

  1. walezy says:

    That lady mmmm…I guess she misplace her speech..opss that’s irony cause what she means is she can date a poor guy…now for the record if she don’t know nobody is poor, is just that everybody has is own time to shine.

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