“I Am A Good Girl In The Day And A Prostitute At Night But My Fiancee Does Not Know” – Young Woman Confesses


A woman has made a really shocking confession about her lifestyle which even her boyfriend does not know about.
The young woman identified only as Ndunge, has lived a double standard life for long.
According to her, she is 28-years-old and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.
“I am the first born and have not found a good job in the last four years. I now work at night in town entertaining men to earn a living,” said Ndunge as quoted in the Standard.
Ndunge further added that she met a guy with whom she believes they have fallen in love with each other.
“He does not know what I do but his best friend does. He (the friend) is one of my regular clients who introduced the two of us,” added Ndunge.
Ndunge is at a loss of what to do incase her man finds out she is a prostitute considering she is desperate to get married and find a financially supportive husband.
“He believes that I work as a cashier in a casino. Should I tell him about it?” concluded Ndunge.

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