How My Beautiful Girlfriend Ruined Our Relationship With Her Very Big Bum – Angry Man Tells Interesting Tale


The man shared his story on break_or_makeup,telling stunned readers about his girlfriend.
According to him, he loves women with big bums and was attracted to his girlfriend because of that. However, the woman later began to think that she could do anything because she has a huge asset.
He revealed that whenever they had a misunderstanding, his girlfriend will begin to twerk her bum for him thinking that he would appeased by it. She would not apologise, just twerk
Sometimes, she would send him videos of herself twerking and showing him her bum whenever he gets angry with her and was at work.
Obviously she thought because she had a huge bum, she could do anything with it.
However, according to him, the act became very irritating to him and he angrily decided to call it quit.
Below is how he told the story:

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