“How I Came Up With The Phrase “Sho Mo Age Mi”– Jigan Babaoja

Sho mo age mi, a phrase which was originated by a Nollywood actor Kazeem Abimbola, popularly called Jigan Babaoja has gone on to become a trending phrase among most Nigerians.

The Yoruba phrase which simply means ; Do you know my age, has been used by a vast majority of Nigerians on Social media for jokes, memes and even short skits.

Kazeem Abimbola has however come out to say that despite the fact that he asks about his age from everyone that cares to listen, he will never reveal his real age to anyone.

He opened up to Ademola Olonilua in an interview on how he came by the slang Sho mo age mi ni.

What brought up the slang ‘Sho mo age mi ni’?

I have actually done several skits but it’s just that God had mandated that I would become popular with this ‘Sho mo age mi’ slang. I was on a movie location with some of my friends when we started talking about our actresses that were celebrating their 40th birthday; we said that some of them were either not up to 40 years or they were above the age.

That was how we started arguing and I cited myself as an example, asking them if they knew if I was up to 40 years old. That’s how I started asking them if they knew my age in Yoruba. From there, something urged me to do a skit about it and that’s how it went viral.

Did you ever believe it would become this much of an internet sensation?

I did not know it would garner such attention online. It never occurred to me. Of all my skits, it had the highest amount of views and that was when I knew that it was going to be a viral video. I also have to thank Tunde Ednut because each time I make a skit, he always reposts it and that gives it more mileage online.

How did Jigan Babaoja meet Davido?

I was wowed when it happened. I was home one day posting some of my skits on the same trending topic when I received a direct message from him. I was so happy and while I was still basking in the euphoria, I received a call from my manager, Danku, who told me to hold on for Davido.

In his distinct voice, I heard him say, “Hello, Sho mo age mi, sho mo age mi ni,” then he laughed and invited me to meet him at Lekki. I went to meet him at Lekki and he told me he appreciated my work. He was travelling to America on that day but he still made out time to receive me.

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