“Hope the Change Implements itself” Poetry By Aladeloye Adetoye

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Nigeria, I hail thee
A country blessed with milk and honey
With abundant resources
Gods own country
Good people, great nation
Bad leadership, impasse economy
Everyday lamentation
But what are the prophets doing
The plans you polish us with
Nothing best to describe them other than a facade
Nigerians are in a seethe
A recapitulation of your promises, none fulfilled yet
No smiles are worn
No battles are won
The country is torn
Everything is just wrong
Following the trend from Transformation to Change
We don’t need no palmistry to tell us where we are heading
Lies, deception, deceit has been the order of the day
How would the nation move forward?
The economy is immobile
Cash flow is within a semicircle
Every citizen has now become analysts
Due to frustration of the nation’s state
Men, Women, Youths, Children
It is the prime time to fight
We need no guns, charms or strength
Let’s fight for our voices to be heard
The gap between the citizenry and the leaders
Farther than a go-to-hell length
The gap needs to be closed
They need to know what we are faced with in the
Moreover, our votes got them in
In high anticipation to experience a positive turn
But one year running, is like a sirocco
Burning us and still keeping cool.
Leadership is not a contract
Despite limited time to spend in the seat of power
No settlor, no beneficiary, no trusteeship
Work for the country to remain happy because you’ll ever be
a part of it

Writer: Aladeloye Adetoye

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