Help! My Little Sister is Pregnant and I’m Responsible for It – Young Man Makes Shocking Confession

The man shared his story on Yoanswers telling stunned readers about his sexual involvement with his own sister.
Below is how she put the story:
I kissed my sister to comfort her after her boyfriend dumped her and we ended up having s*x on her sofa.
She has a good job, a flat of her own and a nice car but her partner was a rat. She’s beautiful but he made her feel worthless.
He was always calling her names. When he cheated he somehow made her feel it was her fault.
Nobody in our family has ever liked him. She is 21 and I am 25.
She called me one evening a couple of months ago and was in bits. She said her boyfriend had been seeing someone else and when she confronted him he called her fat and ugly.
He threw his clothes into a bin bag and stormed out, saying they were finished for good.
She was crying and saying she must be really ugly because she didn’t deserve to be loved.
I went round there straight away to comfort her. I put my arms round her and cuddled her to reassure her. I told her she is pretty and cute and I kissed her on the lips. She stopped crying and asked if I meant it. I said yes and kissed her again more passionately.
We both got carried away, went into her bedroom and had s*x. It was mind-blowing.
I stayed the night in her bed and we had s*x again next morning. We both enjoyed it but agreed we needed to keep it secret.
I couldn’t forget about it though, and I went round two days later to talk about it.
We ended up in bed again and it was even better. We have carried on having s*x since then.
This morning she dropped the bombshell that she is pregnant and it is my baby.
I don’t know what to do. My whole world has crashed.

Should I abort the child?

3 thoughts on “Help! My Little Sister is Pregnant and I’m Responsible for It – Young Man Makes Shocking Confession”

  1. Smith says:

    Thunder fire u there..another man on the loss.. E dey swt u abi? That is ya hand work sharp shooter.

  2. Michest_blogger says:

    this one is mad o

  3. Janet says:

    Should I believe this?

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